Moroccanoil Treatment Original

This hair oil works for all hair types. Moroccanoil Treatment Original keeps hair and scalp in good condition. It excellently conditions every hairdo, regardless of its length and density.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original contains a unique argan oil

Moroccanoil Treatment Original contains argan oil. It is the most common substance recommended for all hair types. It includes natural antioxidants, vitamin E and sunscreen. How do these ingredients work?

They neutralize free radicals, stop hair loss, slow down ageing processes. They make hair strong, healthy and shiny.

Using Moroccanoil Treatment Original is not so hard

Moroccanoil Treatment Original is slightly different than other hair oils – the bottle lacks permanently attached pump or pipette. You must attach the applicator yourself; it is in a carton box. Apply the oil to clean hair, detangle thoroughly. After a few hours, wash your hair and blow-dry the strands. Do you know that you can add Moroccanoil Treatment Original to hair dyes or other products to improve their absorption? As a result, the colour of the dye will be more intense whereas the effect – longer-lasting.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original works great!

Moroccanoil Treatment Original strengthens and repairs. It protects strands from the action of damaging external factors, UV radiation and heat produced by styling tools. Moroccanoil Treatment Original speeds up blow-drying, detangles and smooths frizzy strands. The formula is non-greasy and adds natural shine.

Capacity: 50 ml and 100 ml

Applicator: pump attached to the container

Composition: contains argan oil

Formula: thick, yellow, characteristic scent


  • nourishes all hair types
  • two capacities available
  • shields from damaging external agents
  • contains vitamin E which fights off free radicals
  • works as a styling product for every-day use


  • the applicator and the bottle are separate
  • contains only one oil