John Masters Organics Hair Oil

John Masters Organics Hair Oil best works for medium porosity hair. It excellently conditions this hair type, keeps it in good shape and makes it healthier and prettier. You must try it out!

Only one oil is included in John Masters Organics Hair Oil

The major component is argan oil. It contains antioxidants, reduces free radicals, vitamin E and substances that make hair look pretty and provide it with proper condition. Its action focuses on deep moisturising, bringing resilience and softness. It also delivers natural shine.

The oil used in John Masters Organics Hair Oil is organic.

Extremely easy application of John Masters Organics Hair Oil

Small yet handy pipette comes with the product. It allows you to dose a suitable amount of the cosmetic. John Masters Organics Hair Oil is applied to clean and damp strands for more or less an hour. Then, you wash it away and let hair air-dry. Mixing the oil with other products is a very good solution. You leave in such a mixture for around two hours, rinse with warm water and delicate shampoo.

You will be amazed by the action of John Masters Organics Hair Oil!

John Masters Organics Hair Oil is a lightweight, non-overburdening, non-greasy formula. The product excellently moisturises, decreases hair porosity and smooths. It also takes care of hair ends and strands damaged due to colouring and heat styling. Thanks to the oil, it will be easier to style and detangle your hair. It will be bouncy, manageable as well as resistant to the action of external factors.

Capacity: 59 ml

Applicator: small pipette

Composition: contains argan oil

Formula: semi-fluid, light yellow colour, delicate scent


  • light and non-overburdening formula
  • keeps hair healthy
  • easier combing and styling
  • shields from free radicals and external agents


  • contains only one oil
  • small capacity
  • recommended only for medium porosity hair
  • you must wash hair prior to every application
  • the applicator may seem too small and uncomfortable for some of you