L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil

L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil is recommended for all hair types. Its main tasks include: fighting frizz and static, taming unruly fly-aways, delivering gloss.

Composition of L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil is very original

L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil includes two oils: rice bran oil and argan oil. The first one contains vitamin E which protects against free radicals, strengthens hair bulbs, improves condition of the scalp, rebuilds skin cells and provides anti-septic action.

Argan oil supports the action of rice bran oil: adds shine and smooths.

Using L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil is easy!

L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil comes with a pump which makes every application easier. Choose the dose that is suitable for the length and density of your hair. One pump is enough for short hair whereas two pumps for medium-length and long strands. Rub the oil between your palms to make it more fluid and easier to apply. Remember to spread the cosmetic evenly. Apply L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil to dry or damp hair; avoid scalp area.

Action of L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil. You will be surprised!

L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil is the best shine-boosting oil. What is more, it reduces frizz and static, tames, facilitates styling and combing, speeds up blow-drying. The cosmetic is lightweight, therefore it is easy to apply; it easily absorbs and leaves no greasy layer. Moreover, L’Oreal Rich Mythic Oil keeps hair ends from splitting so blow-drying and straightening become safer and run more smoothly.

Capacity: 100 ml

Applicator: easy-to-use pump

Composition: rice bran oil and argan oil

Formula: semi-fluid and colourless, beautiful fragrance


  • original ingredients
  • very nice scent
  • facilitates styling, combing
  • easy application
  • large capacity


  • product cannot be applied to the scalp
  • fails to provide nourishment
  • no healing properties