Davines OI Oil

Davines OI Oil is recommended for any hair type. It comes in useful to girls who use heat styling regularly and struggle with static hair. Thanks to the oil, your hairdo will regain its natural shine and beautiful colour.

Composition of Davines OI Oil is made up of only one oil

Apart from roucou oil, there are silicones included in Davines OI Oil. Silicones work on the surface of hair to protect from heat and damaging external agents. On the other hand, they can keep nutrients from getting inside the hair. Roucou oil is the most important component of Davines OI Oil. It has the same properties as silicones.

It also maintains proper moisture inside the strands, fights off free radicals and shields hair and scalp from UV rays.

Using Davines OI Oil? There is nothing easier!

Pick the amount that suits your hair length and density. The shorter the hairdo, the smaller the amount. Apply Davines OI Oil to hands and warm it up. Next, rub it in clean and damp strands, from mid-lengths to hair tips. No need for rinsing or hair washing.

Action of Davines OI Oil

Davines OI Oil makes hair softer and shinier. It tames even most unruly strands, facilitates combing and speeds up blow-drying. The product protects hair from harmful external factors and heat styling. It delivers antioxidant properties and fights free radicals. Lightweight formula does not weigh hair down. Therefore, your hairstyle seems light and perfectly maintained. If your hair is dry, damaged and delicate, it is high time you started using Davines OI Oil.

Capacity: 135 ml

Applicator: pump is secured with a colour-less top

Composition: silicones and oil

Formula: semi-fluid, no colour, characteristic scent


  • smooths and reduces frizz
  • very easy application
  • fights free radicals and works as an antioxidant
  • shields from high temperature
  • non-rinse formula


  • if you apply too much, the scalp may get greasy
  • contains silicones
  • only one oil included
  • not everyone is going to like the fragrance