Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is devoted to all hair types. Its main aim is to: add gloss, protect hair ends, nourish and smooth. If your hair is dull, frizzy and coarse, you should immediately start the treatment.

Composition of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is not bad

There are a few plant oils, silicones and liquid paraffin found in Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. The last ingredient may clog and irritate the scalp. Silicones provide a shield against harmful external factors.

The oils included: passionfruit, coconut, almond, sunflower, peach seed and pomegranate oils.

Using Dove Pure Care Dry Oil. It’s easy!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is very easy to use. For best results, apply three or four pumps to washed and damp strands. Rub the product thoroughly and blow-dry the hair. If the oil gets into your eyes, rinse them with water. If you like, feel free to apply Dove Pure Care Dry Oil in a different way: 30 minutes before washing, as a moisturising cosmetic or an additive of masks and conditioners.

Action of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is…

… very good. After completed treatment, you will enjoy beautifully shiny hair and noticeably improved condition. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil neither makes hair greasy nor causes excessive sebum production by sebaceous glands. What is more, it locks in water, delivers lots of nutritional ingredients and softens the strands. Its fragrance lingers on hair for a very long time. If you use it regularly, it smooths hair, facilitates combing, reduces static and frizz.

Capacity: 100 ml

Applicator: easy-to-use pump

Composition: oils and silicones

Formula: thick, colourless, sweet aroma


  • rebuilds hair ends
  • can be mixed with other hair products
  • smooths and tames unruly strands
  • contains lots of plant oils


  • may irritate the eyes
  • contains silicones and liquid paraffin – substances that trigger allergic reactions
  • thick consistency
  • only regular use brings effects
  • not everyone is going to like the intense aroma