Khadi Amla Hair Oil

Khadi Amla Hair Oil works for all hair types. It is the most effective in weak and fine hair treatment. It also heals the scalp affected by dermatological diseases. Indian Ayurveda herbs help you deal with all problems.

Composition of Khadi Amla Hair Oil is mind-blowing!

It is one and only oil in this ranking that contains exclusively organic ingredients. Sunflower oil, amla extract, bringraj extract, brahmi extract, nagarmootha extract, lodhra extract, neem extract, sesame oil, almond oil, henna extract, camphor oil. Khadi Amla Hair Oil also includes fragrance substances coming from plants grown in organic plantations.

Using Khadi Amla Hair Oil is very simple

Remember to shake the bottle before every use. Massage one tablespoon of Khadi Amla in the scalp and hair. After more or less two hours, wash it off with a mild shampoo. Do a quick scalp massage for better results. It will speed up blood circulation as well as improve the absorption of nutritional ingredients of the oil. How to achieve the best effects? Leave the product in for the whole night and wash your hair in the morning.

Use Khadi Amla Hair Oil two or three times a week.

Versatility of Khadi Amla Hair Oil

Khadi Amla strengthens hair follicles, therefore makes hair stronger and less prone to damage. Moreover, the cosmetic prevents premature hair loss and greying, reduces free radicals and protects against the action of UV radiation. Khadi Amla Oil softens, adds lustre and makes strands silky smooth. The product repairs damaged hair, rebuilds split ends and protects from damage. The cosmetic excellently nourishes, delivering essential ingredients that are necessary for the proper functioning of hair and scalp. Khadi Amla Oil gently darkens hair colour.

Capacity: 100 ml

Applicator: comfortable pipette

Composition: Indian Ayurveda herbs

Formula: thick, light yellow colour, intense fragrance


  • contains plants and herbs used in traditional Indian medicine
  • shields from the sun and free radicals
  • smooths, adds gloss, beautifies the hairdo
  • repairs damaged strands
  • application is very simple


  • not recommended for blondes as it darkens hair colour
  • you must apply it regularly to make it work
  • exotic components may cause allergic reactions in those who have sensitive skin
  • characteristic scent